Bam Bam - Solo Exhibition 2023

Through self-portraiture of day to day scenes, ones of joy and ones of anxiety, Bambam’s paintings invite viewers to reflect on shared moments that shape our lives. By delving into the ordinary and extraordinary moments of our everyday existence; her work allows you to pick yourself up and shrug off the day, reminding you that everyone goes through similar situations.

Born in 2000, Bangkok Thailand. Bambam uses colourful acrylic paint on canvas, inspired by her childhood fascination with cartoons. She uses vibrant colours to signify diversity of emotion and to create a full sensory experience; whether the scene depicted is happy or
sad, funny or anxious.

For ‘A Day with’, Bambam aims to create scenes on how ordinary life can be captured still within a frame; turning her journal into paintings and creat- ing her own personal space by discovering herself through art.

“In one day, I can feel a lot of emotion. It can be joyful or boring by myself, but life has to still go on”.

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