Hengnan - Solo Exhibition 2023

Bluey Bluey is excited to announce ‘Blue playground’, our first solo exhibition with artist Hengnan.

Born in 1988 in Chongqing, China, Hengnan is known for his iconic character 'Reiky', a blue animated dog that has quickly become his prominent symbol. His works revolve around painting, where Hengnan aspires to vividly depict a range of amicable and atmospheric emotions. Using acrylic paints as his chosen medium, he creates scenes with soft edges and dream-like palettes, resulting in surreal compositions that evoke an array of emotions.

'Reiky' draws inspiration from Reiki, the Japanese healing technique rooted in the concept of 'universal life energy.' This method involves channelling energy into a person's body through touch, with the intention of restoring their vitality. Through his paintings, Hengnan seeks to extend this healing energy to his audience, enabling them to experience a sense of restoration as they engage with his paintings.

To request more information and pricing details for Hengnan's work contact contact@blueybluey.com


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