UVNT Art Fair - Madrid 2023

Bluey Bluey’s first global pop-up exhibition at UVNT

UVNT Art Fair Madrid 23rd - 26th February 2023

34 individual galleries from around the world

120 different artists represented


After a whirlwind first year on the art scene, Bluey Bluey took to the 7th annual UVNT Art Fair in Madrid for its first major pop-up show, bringing together two fresh faces and some exceptional canvases.

In the spirit of spotlighting emerging talent from around the world, Bluey Bluey turned its attention to the works of Australia-based Filipino artist Joshua Lee Modina aka ‘SonLikesRice’ and Max Weiss, a young contemporary artist based in Berlin, Germany.

Dream-like moments of reality meet pop art surrealism in SonLikesRice’s works. Combining his experiences from both the Philippines and Australia, he paints a picture of adversity and positivity in equal measure – balancing snowy skies with rice storms, and the warm golden glow of a screaming rice bowl against a backdrop of ravenous ravens.

Similarly, Max Weiss brings his own unique brand of familiar surrealism, quite literally turning his characters, Larry and Gina’s, frowns upside down. If his works look almost computerised, that’s for good reason: using photos to ground his scenes in reality, Weiss’ distinctive airbrush technique serves to create depth in a retro-digital world.

To request more information and pricing details for either of these artists contact contact@blueybluey.com



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