Yok Joaquin - Solo Exhibition 2024

 Bluey Bluey is delighted to present ‘To Dye For’ , a Solo Exhibition by Filipino artist, Yok Joaquin (b.1998, Manila).

‘To Dye For’ is not just an exhibition, but a thought-provoking exploration of the profound meaning behind the word ‘dye’. It encompasses both the concept of death and the vibrant world of colour. Yok beautifully captures the essence of this duality, inviting us to reflect on what truly matters to us. In our lives, we all have something that we hold so dear that we would be willing to sacrifice everything for it. It could be love, family, passion, or success. It is that indescribable feeling that ignites a fire within us, giving us a purpose worth fighting for. ‘To dye for’ implies finding that deep- rooted conviction, that cause or belief that is worth giving our all.

On the other hand, ‘dye’ also signifies colour, representing the vividness and richness of life. It reminds us that beyond our commitments and sacrifices, there is a world of beauty and joy waiting to be embraced. It encourages us to live passionately, to find meaning in every moment, and to cherish the vibrant experiences that make life extraordinary. This exhibition serves as a reminder that if we are willing to make sacrifices for something, it holds immense value in our lives. It challenges us to question what truly matters to us and to align our actions with our deepest convictions. By acknowledging what we are willing to die for, we discover what we are truly living for. As we immerse ourselves within 'To Dye For', we allow Yok's work to provoke and inspire us to reflect on the significance of our own journey.

To request more information for Yok Joaquin's work please email contact@blueybluey.com



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